Lunch Table

Social etiquette covers so many areas of our lives in today’s society; proper etiquette will help you act right in any social function or event


Business etiquette open doors and closes deals. Whether dining in formal restaurants with a client or future business partner.

Social Etiquette:
Proper Introductions & Handshakes
Making an Entrance
Mingling with Ease
How to Meet and Greet: At a Party
Poise & Public Presence
Responding to RSVP’s & Writing Thank You Notes
Office Etiquette
Social Media & Electronic Etiquette   
Business Etiquette: 
Effective Introductions
Proper Handshakes
Remembering Names
Making an Entrance
Mingling Proficiency
How to Meet, Greet and Treat your Clients
Business Card Protocol
Protocol in the Workplace
Office Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts
Dressing for Success
Boardroom and Meeting Etiquette
Techno-Etiquette-Email, Voice-mail, Cell Phone and Social Media